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Container Gardening  - Growing Herbs - Make Container Gardening Easy! 

Finally, spring has arrived! Warm weather and the chance to get outside and do some gardening. The extent of your gardening is directly proportional to two very important factors. First, how much enjoyment you get from growing your own flowers and/or vegetables. Second, how much room do you have in your little corner of the world?

We have found that no matter what size your castle is you can grow some beautiful flowers and some really tasty treats in containers that fit virtually anywhere. That’s right…you do not need an acre of land to produce some on the best tasting, fresh vegetables and herbs for your table. All you need are some containers and a little effort.

There are some distinct advantages to using containers. They take up less space and can be placed for decorative accents on a deck or patio. Plant herbs in pots and place them right outside your kitchen door for extra convenience. Containers are also easier to protect from the all the little bunnies and deer that love to feed off of your hard work. Forget the fencing; just put the containers up on your deck or even bring them in at night.

Another advantage is you control the soil, the amount of sunlight and water needed to grow to perfection. A lot easier than roto-tilling a garden and hoping that your plants are positioned to receive the most beneficial sun!

But be careful with your container garden! Because they are in containers, the plants will tend to dry out quickly. Make sure you keep them watered. Although we like the look of terra cotta pots, they tend to dry out faster than the plastic pots. Also check to make sure there is enough drainage. You don’t want to drown your plants.

Make sure that you buy plants that fit the containers you intend to use. For example, cherry tomatoes work well in a pot, the larger, slicing tomatoes like "Big Boys" will not do well in a container, unless, of course, you have a very large container.


Want to get started? We suggest the following approach –

  • Buy some high quality containers. Something that will last and that are visually appealing. Make sure there are some drain holes in the bottom.
  • Fill the bottom of your containers with some shards of broken pottery or clean rocks. The purpose here is to allow for drainage.
  • Use high quality potting soil. If you have containers from last year replace the soil with a fresh mix.
  • Choose plants that will fit the containers. A good rule of thumb is that the diameter of the pot should be at least half of the height of the full grown plant. Check the tag on the plant and estimate from there.
  • Remember to water often and use fertilizer at least every two weeks.