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30 Minute Meals


Here's a quick way to get dinner on the table every night with 30 minute meals and your grocery shopping list is included!

We have created a cookbook/family meal planner with nothing but 30 minute meals and our unique color-coded grocery shopping list just for the busy cook! 

We understand that there are some nights you have to get your meal on the table quickly and busy moms need solutions to hectic schedules.

What if you could do this every night of week?

Here at DinnerPlanner.com we have created 4 weeks with nothing but quick recipes complete with shopping list.

We know you will be pleased with our new quick meal plan, that if you do not love it, we will refund your money!

What you will Receive:

  • You get - 4 WEEKS OF 30 MINUTE MEALS for each night of the week!

  • Our unique color-coded shopping list for each week 

  • Weekly Quick Dessert


  • All common foods

  • Family Friendly

  • Print your shopping list and go! 

  • Easy to print PDF Book Format

  Download your Cook Book with Dinner Menus,
 Recipes and Shopping list now!

All for ONLY $5.00

or - get this for free 

with every 3 month subscription to our 

family-friendly weekly meal planner!

30 minute meals - meal planner



    30 Minute Meals - meal plans with all 30 minute meals -
 30 minute recipes